Political Declaration “Sustainable Land Use and Soil Protection”

Publication date: 
Tuesday, 20 November, 2018

Soils face specific challenges in the Alpine region, such as limited settlement areas and intensive land use in many of the valley floors, considerable pressure on sensitive ecosystems, tangible consequences of climate change and uneven development of population. In metropolitan areas and agglomerations, building space is scarce and expensive, resulting in commuter flows and traffic problems. Careful land use and soil protection require local and regional initiatives as well as cross-border cooperation, because soils provide a fundamental basis not only for food sovereignty and prosperity, but for all life.

In 2018 EUSALP Action Group 6 elaborated a political Declaration “Sustainable Land Use and Soil Protection” to tackle these challenges. After a public consultation to collect the feedback of interested institutions and civil society organizations, a political coordination process led to the support of the Declaration by 20 Alpine Regions and 6 States.