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The Platform of Knowledge is a technological public platform aimed at supporting AGs leaders, members, EUSALP board, EU team and related people, to connect them and facilitate knowledge and dialogue while making different targets (policy makers, stakeholders, researchers, citizens) aware about EUSALP, its projects, results and impact. The platform contains several tools, some of which are accessible to all users, others only to EUSALP members and registered people.

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Interactive tool to explore the...

15th Jul 2019
According to the objectives of the

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Mapping the governance in the research...

28th Jun 2019

According to the objectives of the AlpGov project, Action Group 1 is working to map the governanc



June 2017 to June 2019
The project
107% Complete


June 2016 to December 2019
The AlpGovs’ main objective is to support effective and efficient EUSALP implementation in a...
90% Complete

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e-Learning Area

Milano-Cortina 2026 Candidate City Olympic Winter Games

Mon 28th Jan 2019 - 11:24

Second seminar on EUSALP Communication Strategies

Thu 31st Jan 2019 - 14:00

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Meeting room

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Urban sensing

Latest updates

Here’s the most recent contents published by the EUSALP Groups

Title Updated date

Workshop “Connectivity in the Alpine Region: focus on intermodality of...


19th Jul 2019



19th Jul 2019

EUSALP AG6 - Ongoing activities and outlook to new ones


19th Jul 2019

Convention of young EUSALP local politicians


17th Jul 2019
Title Updated date

Mapping the governance in the research and innovation field


16th Jul 2019

Paneveggio: Dopo la devastazione nella foresta le voci dei violini

Media coverage

15th Jul 2019

The Violins, The Voices Of The Alps


15th Jul 2019

Interactive tool to explore the Governance of the EUSALP Macro-Region in the R...


15th Jul 2019

Strategic funding

EU, national and regional Funding Programs of interest for EUSALP area

AG1 staff is mapping all EU, national and regional Funding Programs for R&I with a possible impact on the Alpine Region. All collected data will be available for users, together with the complete analysis and an infographic overview.

R&I Funding instruments at Regional level

January 2019